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I’m Jerome Slack. I Am A Passionate Art Director Specializing In Concept Creation And Photography, Based In Toronto.

As a seasoned art director with over 15 years of experience in the design industry, I am passionate about creating visually compelling designs that connect with audiences on an emotional level. My expertise spans concept creation, print design, photography, and leadership. I have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results on diverse projects, from branding and advertising campaigns to catalogue layouts and packaging designs. With exceptional creative vision, attention to detail, and leadership skills, I oversee teams of designers, providing guidance to ensure cohesive and impactful designs. As an on-set art director, I bring concepts to life, handling everything from location and model selection to propping and photo selection. I collaborate closely with marketing and other departments, driving business results through effective teamwork and strategic thinking. Skilled in managing multiple projects, meeting deadlines, and maintaining excellent communication, I am confident in my ability to elevate any project with my creative vision and problem-solving skills.

Throughout my 15+ years in the industry, I have thrived as a big picture creative, crafting unifying concepts and bringing them to life through captivating visuals. From fashion and beauty to home, wellness, and tech, I have successfully worked across a range of industries, even collaborating with celebrities. I am passionate about the creative process and enjoy collaborating with teams to achieve exceptional results. Managing teams of designers, executing on-set shoots, and working closely with marketing departments are among my strengths. With my passion, experience, and dedication, I am ready to bring your project to new heights, delivering top-quality designs that resonate with your audience.